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Escuela Of The Streets

Manny Escuela wants you to help him clean the streets of drugs. After the strange cutscene with camera-shy Niko, head outside and grab a car.

Tail The Dealers
Once you're in a car, Manny will tell you that the dealers are on Grand Boulevard, so follow the GPS to their location. Park behind the dealers car and wait for him to drive off. When he does, follow him to the rest of the dealers. You can't let the dealer know you're following him though, so stay quite far back, but not so far that you lose him.

After a few minutes of tailing him, he'll pull into a warehouse. Manny will take off with the car and leave you to take out all of the dealers on your own. Make your way towards the entrance to the warehouse entrance. You'll find that the door is locked, but there are three ways to get into the building so choose your preferred method of attack.

Three Methods Of Attack
You can either shoot the lock and burst right in the front door, all guns blazing. Or you can shoot out the window just along from the door and climb into an office, then make your way into the main warehouse to start the fight. Or finally you can go around to the side of the building and make your way up some stairs and onto the roof, where you'll find an SMG, and an open window to drop in.

Kill 'Em All
Once inside, it's a simple mission. Kill enemies close to you with auto-aim, and use the cover system to avoid enemy fire. Move towards any enemies in cover slowly, and eventually you should be able to take them all out without too much trouble.

Once they're all dead you'll be told you exit the warehouse. Head outside where you'll find Manny recording yet another video.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1000


Mission Tips

  • If you start to run low on health, buy a can of Sprunk from the soda machine. It'll fill up half of your health each time you drink it.
  • Even if you plan to enter through the front door, try heading upstairs for the SMG beforehand. This is the most powerful SMG in the game, so if anything, it's worth picking up.

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First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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